Rosie O Lee Creations.

We've launched our brand "Rosie O Lee Creations" full of handmade and personalized creations.

Fiber Processing

Check out our fiber processing for on-the-farm cleaning of wool.





Working with other small breeders of heritage and rare breed livestock, we are committed to bringing these breeds back to a sustainable population and helping new farmers realize the potential these "non-commercial" breeds have.
Honeysuckle Farm is a rare breeds farm located in northwest Georgia, mid way between Atlanta and Chattanooga. We are continually building our flock and experimenting with different methods of low impact farming and permaculture as we rebuild and reclaim space on our forgotten piece of farmland. Our goal is to be the best stewards of the land we have and to help promote and preserve the breeds we love.

With an average of one breed of livestock going extinct every month, there is a growing need for farmers to step up to keep agriculture diverse and sustainable. That's where we come in.


Breeding & Raising rare breeds.

Preserving Our Agricultural Heritage.